RePack - the reusable packaging for Re-Nou

RePack bag in beige packed

It probably happens to you as well,  you walk through the city streets and see cardboard boxes piling up - it makes you cringe! Online shopping has a huge part to play in it, and our shop is no exception. That’s why we started looking for a more environmentally friendly packaging solution, because we didn’t want to only use any material once. Even if this packaging can be recycled or composted, it still turns to waste after one use. And what do you do with waste? You just throw it away. But as Annie Leonard has stated: There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.

Reusing packaging is the only sustainable alternative to single used packaging, in order to reduce waste. On our search for reusable packaging we found RePack.

With RePack we now offer better packaging, and this is how it works: 
When you place an order with us you can now choose between a single use cardboard or the reusable RePack bag as packaging. Naturally the multi-use packaging has a higher cost than single used cardboards, but we want to share the responsibility and cost. You can choose RePack for an extra of 1.80 Euros. We pack it for you and once it arrives, you fold the empty bag and drop it to a postbox making sure the return label is visible,(it’s attached to the package). RePack takes it back, cleans it and the bag is ready to be reused.

We checked the numbers and the environmental performance from reusing RePack is unbeatable, both regarding the CO2 emissions and waste.

RePack shows calculations on emission savings

When you return RePack you can fold the package to the size of a standard letter. Sending this letter back to RePack also has a carbon footprint of 36 grams of CO2 per shipment. You can compare this to an email with a large attachment. So taking this calculation into account and the CO2 impact of producing RePack bags, the numbers show that after the second use of RePack packaging, the benefits of reusable packaging start to prevail.

RePack shows calculations of reducing waste through reusable packaging

RePack's calculation on reducing emissions through reusable packaging

We are happy to have come across RePack and we believe that their packaging solution really could be the way forward. It is reassuring to see other trusted brands to partner with them. What also makes a big difference for us is that RePack is affordable for a small brand like us, and we are very happy to make a more sustainable packaging solution possible for Re-Nou knowing that they support us as much as their bigger customers.

We hope that together we can make "reusing culture" the most normal thing. Ultimately, it is just a matter of habit. Instead of through away, reusing will become normality. Let's start with it now!
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