About Us

Who we are - Re-Nou

Our hearts beat for fashion - but also for the environment. It’s funny how it can sometimes feel like a contradiction.
 With Re-Nou we wanted to create something that is NOT a contradiction: a sustainable fashion brand that cares about craftsmanship, natural materials, beautiful designs and reusing, reusing, reusing.

Our mantra: Reusing natural materials and great designs is like drinking from an endless well.  

It really can be endless if we relearn how to look after these great items. We might have forgotten how to do it in the past decades, but we haven’t lost it. 
Together we want to create an amazing community of like minded people who share the same views about how sustainable fashion needs to be, why reusing is important and caring for our beloved items is a necessity. 

Re-Nou wants to be sustainable from A to Z.

Starting from the product to packaging, to customer service, to backend actions. And every day we learn more with you and from you. 
Did we get you interested in our mission? So welcome to Re-Nou and check out our products here