Care for Crystal Glassware

A delicate piece of hand-blown crystal is a work of art. We think it gives every interior this extra elegant and exquisite touch. It’s a beautiful piece to be handed down from generation to generation.  


To make sure your glassware remains in the best sparkly shape, we have collected tricks about how to look after them.

It all starts with storing: Crystal has to be stored where it won’t touch other items, so it’s important you don’t stack one item inside another. Crystal glass is a delicate material and can even be scratched by dust. Best way to store them would be inside a cupboard or its packaging.

Let’s talk about cleaning crystal glasses or vases:

First things first, it's important not to expose them to rapid temperature changes, like very hot or cold water. Avoid putting crystal products in the microwave, conventional oven or in a freezer. Wash each piece washed separately, by hand, with warm water, a mild detergent and a soft sponge. To avoid water spots add a bit of vinegar to the water. For hard to reach spots, like the bottom of narrow flutes or vases, use a chop-stick covered with a soft cloth. When rinsing the items one should also use warm water only, since quick changes in temperature can cause cracking or clouding. Avoid leaving your crystals to dry naturally as this could leave limescale marks. Dry glass immediately after washing it, with a linen cloth, if possible.

To give your items that extra sparkle, it is recommended to rinse them in a mixture of lemon juice and water.

It's best to wash your wine glasses or decanters as soon as possible after using it. This is especially important after serving potentially staining liquids, such as red wine.

Remember not to leave your glasses upside down, but place them on their stems, as there is too much pressure put on the rim of the glass and that may cause chipping and even breakage.

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