How to Store your Winter Clothes

When it is finally time to pack our winter clothes away, it is kind of exciting, as you get to rediscover your summer wardrobe and the good memories that are connected to the warm time of the year. Also, it means that finally, it is getting warmer, the sun shines more often and we can see the incredible colourful magic show that nature prepares for us every spring.

But before we can enjoy the new season, there is some work to do with our beloved winter clothes to make sure that they survive the following months hidden away.

Jumper hanging on a chair, by Karolina Grabowska


The first thing to do is to make sure you wash your clothes. Bacteria grow quicker on worn textiles and if there is a very slight stain, after several months this stain will turn into a bigger one that is much harder to get rid of. Also, the smell attracts moths and these are absolutely unwelcome guests in our wardrobes. It is not that easy to wash everything at once, as different materials require different care, especially silk and wool are tricky. However, you will be more than thankful to your future self, when in about 6 months you will start unpacking your winter items and find them fresh and clean! So after washing your clothes makes sure they dry properly, and all the moisture escapes since moisture can encourage mold growth.

The next thing you want to do is to check all your pockets for tissues, loose change, hair accessories, or lip balms. These items can cause stains, discolouration, and marks.

Now it is time to sort your clothes into things that can be hung up and those that need to be folded for storage. Knitted fabric and heavy items like ornate dresses need to be folded, for them not to hang out. Jackets and coats should be hung up on thicker hangers.

Before hanging or folding the clothes make sure you button and zip them all up.

It might be tempting to use plastic bags or boxes to store your winter attire or use a vacuum bag to save storage space. However, plastic stops your clothes from breathing and vacuum bags cause creases that are hard to get rid of especially from delicate materials. The best thing is to store your clothes in a wardrobe and chest of drawers away from light and moisture.

Wherever your wardrobe is, make sure it is in a dry room.

Last thing to help keep the things fresh we recommend placing a bar of lavender or cedarwood soap or a small cotton bag with dried lavender into your wardrobe and chest of drawers.

Your shoes as well require some extra care before packing them away. First, you want to wipe them with a damp cloth or even use a shoe brush to get rid of dried mud. Let them dry and apply some shoe bald evenly to moisturise your shoe. Give it a bit of time to absorb the balm and then polish it with a soft clean cloth. For more detailed care for leather shoes, check out our care tips here. Finally, put a shoe stretcher into every pair of shoes and if possible place them in a shoe bag for storage. Et voilà, you are ready for spring!

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