Do you believe in miracles and overnight success stories?

Maybe you remember that we promised to share more of our thoughts, ideas and topics that are on our minds. So here we go, this one is from Anastasia.

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching Wim Wenders' latest film, and its message of simplicity and dignity struck a chord with me. In a world where the pursuit of success often feels overwhelming, particularly with the relentless pressure from social media, the film's portrayal of a more grounded existence was a breath of fresh air.

Lately, I've been grappling with a sense of fatigue, fueled by the constant bombardment of overnight success stories filling up our feeds. It's as if success is portrayed as a fairytale; you stumble upon the right opportunity, and suddenly, you're catapulted into fame and fortune. Rarely do we see the countless hours of hard work, the moments of doubt and uncertainty that precede those shining moments.

The reality is, everyday efforts, though dignified, often go unnoticed because they lack the allure of glamour. We're inundated with stories of rags to riches, leaving us to wonder if success is merely a roll of the dice. And when our own efforts seem to yield no results, it's easy to feel like luck has abandoned us.

In our daily challenges with Re-Nou, the main struggle we encounter, besides the lack of investments, stems from our commitment to sustainable business practices. These principles often make running a business more costly and slower. We've always held firm to the belief that honesty and high moral standards pave the path to success. Yet, lately, we find ourselves questioning whether this holds true.

We're left grappling with questions. Do we dare to believe in miracles? What if those miracles are reserved for others, leaving us behind? But perhaps the true dilemma lies in whether we're willing to forego the possibility of wonder altogether.

Yet, amidst these uncertainties, films like "Perfect Days" offer a gentle reminder. They show us that happiness can be found in the simplicity and dignity of everyday life, even if it doesn't conform to society's standards of glamour. And perhaps therein lies the answer to our restless questioning—a return to the appreciation of life's quiet wonders.

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