Care for Jeans

If you bought a preloved pair of jeans, or even a new one, you really want to make sure you treat them right. After all, a perfect pair of jeans is so hard to find. Even though cotton is very durable, it is worth knowing how to care for your denim in the best way, making sure you prolong their life. And after we explained how many resources are required for the production of a pair, we are sure you want to know every trick for the care of your jeans!

Let’s start with the most important tip. Try to reduce washing your jeans. It is not unhygienic not to wash jeans. It is perfectly fine to only wash them after at least 10 wears. At least! What might really convince you to reduce the washing cycles for your jeans, is this bad news:

Toxic denim particles were found in lakes and oceans, and they can potentially harm wildlife and the environment. Even though denim is made of cotton, during the colouring process it is treated with chemicals. Washing jeans in the washing machines, makes those chemicals escape and pollute rivers, lakes and oceans. This is probably a good reason to think twice before washing.

What if you have a stain, you might ask? 

Try using a damp cloth or an old toothbrush on the stain.  If the stain is dry you might be able to get rid of it with just these tools.

What if they smell?

Weird but really good tip from us: Try freezing them for 24 hours. Just put them in a plastic bag and shove them into the freezer. This way the bacteria will die and with them the smell. After 24 hours you just take them out, and let them air dry for a bit.

If washing is needed, make sure you think of these steps:

Turn them inside out to avoid bleached lines on the fabric after washing.

Better use liquid detergent for the wash, and make sure you don’t use too much of it. Less is better in this case. Powder detergent is a bit too harsh on the fabric and might also add the unwanted lines.

Wash cold. Even though cotton can handle higher temperatures, it is better for denim to be washed cold. Higher temperatures weaken the fabric and contribute to quicker deterioration.

Wash with like colours. For preloved jeans it is less of a problem, but newer jeans can bleed the first two cycles.

Ditch the tumble dryer, and air dry your jeans! Actually, most clothes prefer air drying to the tumble dryer. It is more environmentally friendly, cheaper and better for garments! 

Jeans are often a little stiff after washing. Just steam them a bit, and you are good to go.

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