Re-Nou and Reusable Packaging


Why RePack?

We at Re-Nou believe that the world needs better solutions to single-use packaging. That's why we now offer an alternative.

It's called RePack - reusable and returnable delivery packaging.

RePack is a super simple solution to an ever-growing problem of packaging trash. It simply reduces trash and saves you money.

How it works?

  1. Choose RePack as your packaging option at checkout

Do your shopping normally at Re-Nou. At the checkout please select RePack as your packaging option. Cost for RePack is 1.80€.

  1. Simply drop empty RePack to the nearest postbox

RePack is a reusable packaging, but for this to work, we need your help.

Once you have received your goods, simply fold the return flap outside and close the packaging. Drop RePack to your nearest postbox. Return is already paid for. This way we can keep the party going!

  1. Save money and nature

That's not all! Once RePack is returned you will save 15% on your next purchase. You can claim your reward at any RePack using store.


For more information check RePack X Re-Nou 💚