Vintage Wedding Part III - The Accessories

It took us a whole but here we are, delving deeper into Anastasia's journey toward her vintage-themed wedding, and this time, we're exploring the world of accessories. Just like her quest for the perfect dress and rings, Anastasia's pursuit of accessories was filled with twists and turns, challenges, and serendipitous discoveries.

Anastasia's hunt for the perfect accessories began with a search for chunky gold pieces reminiscent of ReNou's signature style. Scrolling through Instagram, she admired the allure of these pieces, but the lack of return policies and uncertainty about their origins left her hesitant. Undeterred, she explored other options, including Cecilia Vintage from Cyprus, where she found remarkable pieces, though not precisely what she needed for her wedding ensemble. Running out of time and options Anastasia turned to Vestiaire Collective and worked through difficult searching conditions, way to many uninteresting pieces, doubts in regards to quality and no-return policy. In the end she found a beautiful of earrings for a reasonable price where she was open to risk the uncertainty. However, Anastasia would always recommend shops like Cecilia Vintage over Vestiaire Collective or similar due to the user experience and the expertise of the small brand owner.

Shoes proved to be another adventure altogether. Vintage shoes, while charming, often lack the comfort and wearability needed for long days. With this in mind, Anastasia opted for new shoes that exuded timeless elegance, ensuring they were not only suitable for her wedding but also versatile enough for everyday wear.

Just when she thought her search was over, fate intervened when she stumbled upon the perfect pair of shoes at a charity shop. Flawlessly complementing her dress and offering comfort for the long day ahead, it was a serendipitous find that underscored the magic of vintage hunting.

The quest for a bolero brought its own set of challenges, with unpredictable weather in Copenhagen prompting the need for a versatile yet stylish option. Despite initial plans to knit her own, time constraints led her to explore other avenues, ultimately opting for a practical yet chic option from ReNou's collection.

Accessories extended beyond attire, with Anastasia meticulously selecting a handbag that reflected her unique style. As with other items a handbag had to be of a design that can be easily incorporated with the casual wardrobe. Anastasia found a suitable one from a mass market brand that ticked all the boxes. However, only after the wedding she noticed that it started breaking only after one day. The bag was returned to the store with a heavy heart, but served as a reminder that more often than not the quality from the mass market brands is lower than expected.

From flowers to wardrobe staples, Anastasia's journey underscored the importance of sustainability and reusability. Each piece, carefully curated and thoughtfully chosen, not only contributed to her vintage-inspired wedding but also became cherished additions to her everyday life.
The hunt for everything preloved and used takes a lot of time and research but what we learned from it is priceless. It is exactly the time invested that makes you have a deeper bond with all these treasures that you found.

As we reflect on Anastasia's journey, we're reminded that the path to a vintage-themed wedding is as unique as the individuals embarking on it. Whether through meticulous research or intuitive choices, each decision carries with it a sense of purpose and meaning.
We hope to have inspired you to try it out! Maybe not straight away for your wedding but for other important occasions in your life!
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