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RePack reusable package

RePack reusable package

Don't miss it, this piece is unique!

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Why we now offer RePack for our reusable packaging!

  • It’s super convenient — no need to take a detour to the recycling bin. Just take your RePack when you leave your home and drop it in the nearest mailbox.
  • It’s not wasteful — No one likes to receive trash (and especially not these guys). With RePack, you receive what you ordered, without the waste. There is no annoying cardboard, no enormous amounts of bubble wrap, and no struggle to make it fit in the bin. Just a super simple folding. 
  • It’s a neat move for the planet — Reusable packaging reduces the amount of trash already around and limits the need to create more. No garbage, less CO2. 
  • It’s rewarded — When was the last time you got a reward for taking the trash out? Right, didn’t happen. If you shopped at any participating stores, you’d get a gift for returning a RePack by the post.
  • You’ll be able to brag about it  “Oh, you don’t know RePack; I received it when ordering at this super-cool-sustainable brand; you should try it out blahblahblah..”



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We now offer RePack for our reusable packaging! View full details

Love at first touch

This season we have selected elegant designs of exceptional quality. Wool, cashmere, silk and leather:

All luxury materials with almost endless potential, that deserve to live on.


    We partnered up with RePack to offer you a better online shopping packaging solution. RePack bags are reusable and thus much more environmentally friendly than any other single use packaging.


    We don’t want you to take any risks. We want it to be a perfect fit. You can return your items within 14 days of delivery. Click here for more info.


    Re-Nou gives you access to beautiful fashion with history, high quality materials and great design. Your choice of sustainable and unique garments.